To All Price Work Gangs

Welcome to the online booking in system which I hope will make things a little easier.

Price work isn’t easy and whilst some gangs are really good there are always one or two that let the side down.

In an effort to give everyone a chance of getting it right first time, below are a number of drop down sections including a snagging list, booking in section (fill one out for each plot regardless of how many) and finally a payments form. Also take some photos of your work as evidence it has been left how you would expect. This will stop others of blaming you if things aren’t right.

Once you have completed a form below, you should receive a copy of whatever you submit (via the e-mail you entered on your new starter form) so you can check you entered the details correctly.

Please when you finish your plots can you check that the plots are clean and clear of rubbish, including palletts, bricks, plastics, insulation, timber (used to support window formers or wind posts, bricks and blocks etc…. Once this has been done the onsite Supervisor will give you another plot.

When you finish a scaffold please make sure loading bays are empty and scaffold is cleaned ready to be raised. Failure to do this could result in you being charged to clear up any mess.

If you have any questions please contact me direct

Many thanks


This is all pretty basic stuff and if done right first then checking your work should take to long and will save plenty of time later on

1 All Brickwork should be checked that is neat and clean

2 All Cavity Ties should be clean of Snots

3 Window formers have been fitted correctly using ties

4 Fire Sock are in place, under compression and closing off the cavity (50mm lap either side for a party wall).

5 Damp trays need to be one piece, not joined

6. Weep holes even and no fewer then two (that includes over airbricks)

7. Blockwork joints need to be fully filled and brushed on both sides. (No snots)

8. Window cills/formers all need to be brushed clearing dust and mortar on every lift.

9. Top of brick and blockwork and working area should also be brushed and cleared on every lift.

10. Remember to fill profile holes and any pin holes

11. Lintels must be bedded and jointed (No dry bedding)

12. Remove any waste material and make sure the area is clean before moving onto the next plot.

13. Insulation should be clean of any mortar

14, Insulation should be butted up tight wit no gaps

15. Make sure DPC trays are clear of mortar and have turn ups of at least 65mm at both ends.

Please, remember that you are responsible for you own snagging

Each plot is being checked but the onsite Supervisor before being signed off.

If they are not happy with the standard of the work and/or the way it has been left you will be asked to correct any faults.

To help we will set up your own whats app group for your gang where you can post up images of how you left the plot. This will protect you should someone else go onto that plot and blame you for the mess.

There is a basic check list attached to the new booking in form to help with checking your own work.

    Booking In Sheet Darren Mallet Gang

    Description of Works

    Answer N/A to the questions below if they were not in the lift.

    Any Comments

      Darren Mallet Price Gang Payment Sheet

      Please add any other sites worked at during this period